Sex on the beach

May 1, 2021

The story of the Sex on The Beach drink

Sex on The Beach is a recently made drink. As is often the case with various alcohols and drinks, its origin is not entirely clear.

One version of the cocktail history says that in 1987 an American company called National Distribution was thinking about how to increase sales of its new product, Peach Schnapps (peach liqueur). The distributor traveled directly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to promote the liqueur during the spring break. The company announced a competition where the bar could win $ 1,000 for the most liqueurs sold. There was also an individual award of $ 100 to the bartender with the highest sales.

Taking the challenge, Ted Pizio from the Confetti Bar added a new product to the new cocktail consisting of a peach liqueur, vodka, orange juice and grenadine. It was an immediate success. When asked about the name of the drink, the bartender admitted he was inspired by two reasons people come to Florida – it’s sex and the beach. This is how he coined the catchy name Sex on the Beach.

Sex on the Beach – the second version of the story

The above story sounds plausible enough, but evidence has been found that the cocktail had existed for a good couple of years before Ted got the idea. Mental Floss wrote that the recipe for the drink appeared in 1982 in the “American Bartenders School Guide to Drinks”. The cocktail, according to the theory of some historians, was probably invented as a simple combination of Fuzzy Navel (orange juice and peach schnapps) and Cape Codder (vodka and cranberry juice) drinks. However, in this version, nothing is known about the name itself.


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